Our Sustainable Event Goals

One of the goals for the Casey Stride Series is to develop ourselves into a Sustainable Event. 

Our first major iniative will involve collecting all our waste paper cups from each event, work with local schools to grow seedlings out of them, then return to Casey Fields and under the guidence of the City of Casey council plant these seedlings back at our race venue.

We also aim to achieve sustaibility in the following ways:

Re-useable race Timing Tags.

Recycleable paper

Greentech re-manufactured Printing cartridges

Greenaction Degradable Rubbish Bags

Greentec Remanufactured Ink

Greentec Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges.


J Burrows Recycled Paper

J.Burrows 100% Recycled Paper

Ipico Re-useable Timing Responder

We use Ipico/Active Re-useable Timing Responders.

Casey Stride Series | Sustainability | Reuse & Replant Project

Reuse & Replant Project

Our Reuse & Replant Project is somewhat of a legacy project.

Step 1.

Collect all event cups post race. This stops them going to landfill or recycling centres.

Step 2.

Use all the collected event cups to grow native seedlings from with local schools that participant in the Casey Stride Series. This keeps things native, give schools the chance to be involved in sustainability projects, inspires a generation of participants to engage in sustainability lifecycles.

Step 3.

Plant the grown native seedlings back at Casey Fields under the direction of the City of Casey Council. This takes our event full circle where we return to the location where we used these cups in our event to add addition plants to the course we use.

Step 4.

Where possible we we recycle the cups after planting has occured.