Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your Questions below or on our website please use the Contact Us Form to get in touch and we will try to answer you question ASAP.

It is quick and easy to Regsiter for the Casey Stride Series. Simply Click Here to go straight to our Online Registration Form. We use as our Online Registration provider.

Registration Fees range from $10 (Kids Single Race Entry) to $90 (Adults Series Entry). Click Here to see the Refistration Fees. 

Once you have completed your Registration Online the next process is Race Pack Pick Up.

Race Pack Pick Up involves colleting your Bib Number (to be worn of the front of your top during the race) and Timing Responder (which you attach to your shoes so we can record your race time).

Race Pack Pick Up can be completed on the Saturday afternoon before each race or on Race Morning.

Full Series Participants (those that have entered all 3 races) only need to complete Race Pack Pick Up once and keep the same Bib Number and Timing Responder for the whole Casey Stride Series.

The Timing Responder is a small plastic tag about half the size of a Credit Card, inside it has RFID chip that records your time for the race.

The Timing Responder must be securely attached to your shoe for the entire duration of the event for us to accurately record your Results.

The Timing Responder must be returned at the end of the Casey Stride Series.

Provisional Results (subject to change after checking) will be published ASAP after the race, usually mid afternoon Sunday. Updated Results will be published a week later.

If your Time is not in the Provisional Results please email within 3 working days of the race, stating your Name, Bib Number, Distance, Approximate Finish Time on the Race Clock at the Finish and any other details you can remember like people you finished near etc.

Timing is a service provided by the event organisers and like all electronic systems sometimes unexpected errors occur so there is no guarantee that your time will be recorded and published in the results. However we will defintiely try our 100% best to ensure this doesn't happen and all results are correct and accurate.